Michael Hellickson Appeal

On appeal, a judge recently overturned the suspension of Michael and Tara Hellickson’s real estate licenses, stating that “It was clearly retaliatory behavior on the part of the Washington State Department of Licensing, and violated Hellicksons’ civil rights in 3 ways.”

Nationwide known expert in “short sale”, REO, and retail real estate transactions, Michael Hellickson with his wife Tara Hellickson and their firm Hellickson Real Estate eventually decided to voluntarily give up their real estate licenses. In a statement earlier, Hellickson stated that “It simply wasn’t worth the mental anguish of fighting uneducated people with an unlimited budget anymore.”, referring to the employees of the Washington State Department of Licensing. He added “they (the DOL) continued to break the law even after we obtained a court order stating that they had to stop their illegal behavior!”.

Hellickson’s lawyer, attorney Douglas Tingvall says,”It is inconceivable that the state would ruin a person’s business, livelihood and reputation on the basis of such a weak case”. “At worst, the evidence showed that the Hellicksons need improvement in customer service — not that they violated the real estate licensing law”. His clients still maintain they have done nothing wrong, but lack the emotional or financial resources to continue.

The agency conducted a 17-month investigation that many declared a “witch hunt”. Industry insiders said the attempts of the DOL to get clients and competitors to rally against Hellickson were in blatant retaliation to the Hellicksons’ obtaining a court order forcing the DOL to discontinue the illegal practice of conducting random audits of real estate agent files.

“While the Hellickson’s office is in Pierce County, they have represented sellers of distressed properties throughout the state. Michael Hellickson, who operated from an office in Bonney Lake, represented home sellers throughout the state as well. Michael Hellickson appeared on CBNC, Fox Business News and other broadcast outlets to discuss distressed real estate.”

Michael Hellickson has been endorsed by celebrities such as Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey among others.

Hellickson has even appeared on the hit CNBC show, The Call.

Learn more about Michael Hellickson at www.clubwealth.com/about-2-2/michael-hellickson 

Michael Hellickson 2011

Now a days, many Real Estate related coaching program are scattered all over the Nation. But there are few who has the skills, the knowledge and the charismatic methods to motivate the client ro reach its Goal. He is Michael Hellickson. As we all know, he is well known Real Estate Realtor, Expert in REO and Shortsale. And now the Founder and the President of Clubwealth Coaching Program.

We always ask what does it takes to be an effective Coach in field of Real Estate? Michael Hellickson is the Person who can make the difference, a person who never gives up no matter what and no matter how long it takes, if there something he wants he always make sure that he will make it happen. A man who continually work and study to improve himself in many ways. He always give the his full capacity to support his clients need.

Neale Donald Walsch said that, “A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders.” Well I think Hellickson is a True Leader. he teaches different kind of peoples on how to set their business goals and for them to become a leader in their field of business. He articulately set the goals and objective for the client on how to reach the Top in their different fields.

Michael Hellickson Review

It is hard not to look up to, or think highly of Michael Hellickson now, with all the controversy that surrounded the man in the past year, after he spear-headed the fight to regain the respect of those people who doubted him; and at the same time earning more admiration from those who came to know that the man continues to battle the challenges the public throw his way and then ultimately wins.

in business Michael is a person with the determination and will power to succeed. The phase of Today’s business may have become so competitive and complex and subjected to fast changes but Michael Hellickson possesses the quality of being adaptive, has the initiative and the capacity of making decisions. He himself radiates enthusiasm and interest about the work of his employees, and through that kind of affinity, he earns the loyalty and cooperation of his subordinates –truly a good quality of leadership.

Michael cares enough about his friends to help them open-up and he is a good listener. He keeps it real by never saying “Everything is going to be alright” –if it’s not going to be. He understands that false reassurance can often be worse than none, so instead, he’s the kind of friend that says “Whatever you decide or need, I am there for you to help you figure things out”. Michael, from the numerous testimonials of his friends, is an earnest member of their elite comrade.

It is essential to understand that personal relationship should be more important to you than your work, friends etc. Michael recognizes that. He is always first and foremost a loving husband to wife and a supportive father to his children before any other titles such as “CEO”, “#1 Real Estate Agent”, or “Top Broker”. He may be known as a brilliant motivational speaker, but at home, aside from being an exceptional head of the family, Michael is great partner, friend and counselor to wife, Tara; the kind of dad Austin would want to become; and the kind of man Madison would like to find and marry someday. One man is indeed a lot of things and Michael is no exception. He could be as straightforward as the businessman right next to you, but is also as honest as your close friend. In doing business with him, he exudes high level of professionalism, but at the same time, he gives a “personal touch” when dealing with each client and employee. He is very hands-on with every aspect of his life: from being president to a company, a leader to his subordinates, a motivational business partner, a confidant to a friend; to being a good provider to his family, a great partner to his wife, and a cool dad to his two kids. He is indeed, a practitioner of being the best in all!


About Michael Hellickson

In  early 1991  Michael hellickson started his real estate career and before he even graduated in high school, he has been the top 1% of all agents in the nation!  With over 417 Short Sales, and more than 325 REO’s in under 10 months.  Last year (2010) he was the #1 real estate agent in Washington State. Sold over 473 homes in under 8 months.

Michael is considered by most to be the #1 short sale expert in the World. During his career, Hellickson has spoken to thousands of agents and organizations nationwide and has also been featured on several national television and radio programs including Glenn Beck, CNBC, The Dave Ramsey Show, and The Fox Business Network among many other local and regional programs. Hellickson is also the founder and president of ClubWealth® Coaching. He is now a successful President and Founder of Clubwealth Coaching. Helping Real Estate Agents, lenders, servicers, outsourcers, World and community leaders, brokers and salespeople in various industries Worldwide how to Manage their profits and loss.

As a Father, Michael Hellickson always make sure to have time for his two kids (Madison and Austin), even in his busy schedule. Michael  is the kind that every guy would want to be like as a father . a good husband to his wife Tara, a friend to play with, a teacher for their life’s questions, a hero for all challenges, and a good provider for their family.

Even if he had lots of achievements in his life, he remains a Server of God, a Missionary in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) for two years in Germany.

Michael Hellickson

ClubWealth Coaching is headed and founded by a successful man in Real Estate Business, his name is Michael Hellickson. It helps and Assists different variants of professionals how to handle their earnings. They help outsourcers, real estate agents, brokers, servicers, lenders and sales people. Hellickson with more than 417 Short Sales, and most 325 REO’s in under 12 months. In the past year (2010) he was the actual #1 agent in Washhington State. Sold above 473 homes in less than Eight months. In 1991 he soon started his real estate profession as well as just before he even graduated within high school, he has been the top 1 of agents across the country!

Behind all of the achievements on Michael Hellickson’s life he remains a Server regarding to God, a Missionary within the Church regarding Jesus Christ associated with Latter Day time New orleans saints (the Mormons) for two many years within Germany.

Hellickson as a speaker, gives ideas and share techniques to thousands of real estate agents as well as organizations countrywide in order to help them be successful in their career. He is also considered through the majority of to become the #1 short sale expert on the planet and has also been highlighted about A number of countrywide tv set and also radio stations plans which includes Glenn Beck, CNBC, The Dave Ramsey Show, and the Fox Business System amongst many other local and also regional applications.

As a Family man or a Father of two kids (Madison and Austin), Michael Hellickson always assures even in his Busy schedule that he has time for his wife Tara and his children.   Going out of town, tour in other country with his family, taking his son Austin to a Football game, Spending happy time with his daughter Madison and taking his wife Tara out on a date once in a while. Every man who want to settle in life wants to be like hellickson. A man who a good aspect s in life, a teacher for life’s concerns, a friend that helps and hang along with.


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